What inspired you to become a teacher?

Teaching is an amazing profession

So tell us why you became a teacher.

We'd really like to hear what inspired you to get into education. Teaching is a high pressured career and sometimes it can be easy to forget why you joined in the first place. We'd like to take you back to that lightbulb moment when you just knew that teaching was the right path for you.

Take part in our poll by selecting the answer most appropriate to you or if your answer isn't there, complete the text box at the bottom. We'll gather the results and share them with you soon.

In the meantime, why not download our latest whitepaper on 'The changing face of teaching and learning' where we analyse education in the UK today and the steps necessary to prepare pupils for roles in the future.

Tell us what inspired you to get into teaching
To work with young people
To share knowledge
A good experience at school
A bad experience at school
Every day is different
The learning experience as a teacher
The lightbulb moment when a pupil understands
To be a part of nurturing pupil knowledge
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